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Amritvani Ram Sharnam Pdf Download

Amritvani Ram Sharnam Pdf Download


Amritvani Ram Sharnam Pdf Download -



















































Amritvani Ram Sharnam Pdf Download


Ram-Ram Chintan Suvichaar, Ram-Ram Jap Nishchaya Dhaar. Ant Kaal De Sake Naa Sahaaraa, Ram-Naam Teraa Taaran Haaraa. Aataa Khirdhki Dwaar Se, Pawan Tej Kaa Poor, Hai Kripaa Tyon Aa Rahi, Karti Durgun Door. .7. Dev-Dev Deve Yadaa, Daan Mahaa-Sukh-Dhaam. .22. .13. Ram-Jaap Hai Param-Abhyaas, Simro Ram-Naam 'Sukh-Raas�. .39. Ram Shabd Ko Dhyaaiye, Mantra Taarak Maan, Swashakti Sattaa Jag Kare, Upri Chakra Ko Yaan.


In journies, travels repeat Ram-Ram, Ram-nam protects from evil and harm ; Awake, asleep, by day, by night, Recall Ram-Ram that gives delight. Mohak Mantra Ati Madhur, Ram-Ram Jap Dhyaan. The Blessed Grace is giver of health, The sources of Strength, alcove of calm, Vehicle of wisdom, bestower of bliss, Unique descent is Grace of Ram. Simroon Main Ram-Ram Prabhu Ram, Gaaoon Main Ram-Ram Sri Ram. Scriptures and Books without His Name, Are false, empty, hollow, in-vain ; Disputes, discussions, discourses, debates, Without Ram-Ram spread doubts and hates. Yug-Yug Kaa Hai Ram Sahelaa, Ram-Bhakt Nahin Rahe Akelaa.


The beads of Name Ram-Ram-who tell, For them no more the fires of hell ; Recite, repeat, Ram-Ram each day, The cords of Karma shall burn as hay. Hotaa Teeno Lok Men, Ram-Naam Gun-Gaan. With deep devotion, humility, Fore-head on folded hands, I salute to Thee, O Lord, Of all the worlds and lands. I let my knees to ground, I clasp my hands, bend, bow, Accept my salutations, Lord, Many million times I bow. .76. Saviour from sin, giver of peace, My mind upon Thy Feet, I bow to Thee, Thou art, Of strength the source and seat.


?$ 8>'(> Inspirations from Teachings of Swamiji Satyanandji Maharaj (1868-1960) Divine Revelations 1 Whisper of the Cosmos 2 Dialogue with Divinity 3 Divine Grace 4 Sublime Divinity 5 e-Books by Dr.. With rapt attention repeat, Sweetest, enchanting Word ; Praises of Name, Ram-Ram, Throughout Three worlds are heard. Dev Devigan Daiv Vidhaataa, Ram-Ram Bhajte Gantraataa. Bolo Ram, Bolo Ram, Bolo Ram Ram Ram. Shok Saagar Ho Umdaa Aataa, Ati Dukh Mein Man Ghabraataa. Mithyaa Man-Kalpit Mat-Jaal, Mithyaa Hai Moh-Kumad-Baital. .31. Jitne Kartavya Karm Kalaap, Kariye Ram-Ram Kar Jaap. .27. .68. e52a6f0149

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